What is a Seruv List?

The Seruv, a written law order issued by the Bais Din (Jewish court of law), is issued when individuals do not respect the guidelines and regulations of the Bais Din. The document is the last resort of the Jewish court of law when the individual refuses to comply to the rules and regulations. The Seruv list is an Anglo-Jewish journal published weekly by the Jewish Press and containing a list people that violated the Seruv.

The Halacha

As the religious laws in many other cultures, Judaism does not present a clear distinction between religious life and not religious life. Therefore, the Halacha guides not only religious beliefs and practices, but also the day to day, life of the Jewish community. The level and form of enforcement of the laws of Halacha varies according to different communities and trends in Judaism. The Orthodox community seeking a full compliance, while conservatives are less strict, while recognizing its existence and importance. There are also groups who have no religious vision rabbinic understanding that the laws derived exclusively from the Tanakh (Old Testament) and can accept different interpretations. Recently there have been several movements about the Seruv with the slogan Courage to refuse discussing the Halacha.

The Seruv worldwide

While the Seruv has low power in most countries (such as America where, while the rules of the Halacha are clear, it is widely ignored by the Jewish population), in Israel its claws are hard to avoid. It can prevent individuals from leaving the borders of the country and in some cases, it might even lead to imprisonment. In other countries however the law is limited to the Seruv list. Visit the Seruv – courage to refuse website on http://www.seruv.org/ for more details about the refusing for Israel movement. עורך דין צבאי

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