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The kippah

The kippah is a small ritual cap used to partially cover the head, traditionally used by male Jews, and lately also accepted by non-Orthodox streams for feminine use. The kippah – or any other hat, or garment that covers all or part of the head – is compulsory to enter and remain in certain places of Jewish worship as synagogues,… (more…)

The Sabbath

The Sabbath, Hebrew for "rest", is the seventh as well as the sacred day of the Jewish week. The Sabbath is observed from sundown Friday until the appearance of three stars the next Saturday night. According to the prescriptions of the Torah, it must be held firstly by abstaining from any kind of work. The Sabbath is the ethos Jew,… (more…)


The Hanukah, called the "Feast of Lights" is a Jewish holiday that is celebrated for eight days, and which commemorates the defeat of the Greeks and the regaining of independence of the Jewish by the hands of the Maccabees over the Greeks, and the subsequent purification of the Temple in Jerusalem and of pagan icons in the second century A.C.… (more…)


The synagogue is the place of faithful Jews and the place of worship and study of the oldest monotheistic religions. The synagogue is a meeting in ancient Judaism . Although they have little data about the origin of the first synagogues, it is thought that they date back to ancient Babylon in the sixth century, shortly after Judah, the southern… (more…)