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The term Halakha , also pronounced halokho, means, when spelled with a capital letter, the Jewish institution, bringing together the laws, awards and religious prescriptions governing the daily life of Jews or, if written with a lowercase letter, an article that "Jewish law. " The Judaism predates the distinction between the areas of "religious" and "non-religious" affairs of everyday life,… (more…)


The Aggadah or Aggadata refers to non-legal teachings of the traditions of the Jewish and the main part of all its teachings. It basically covers a large number of moral exhortations, myths, historical anecdotes, homilies, or tips in various fields of work. It mostly comes from the texts of the Talmud and in various compilations of the Midrash Aggadah, the… (more…)

Bais Din

Bais Din is the transliteration of Hebrew, which means House of Judgment and refers to a religious court. The most known and most widespread is the rabbinical Bais Din (composed of rabbis), but the institution also exists with some variations among Karaite Jews, who do not have rabbis. Origin The Torah says that Jethro advised Moses to delegate most of… (more…)