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The Talmud is one of the basic texts of rabbinic Judaism, not yielding in importance to the Hebrew Bible which is the oral side. Consisting of the Mishna and the Gemara (to which there are two versions), it compiles the rabbinical discussions on all topics of the Jewish law, divided into six orders. Addressing issues according to its own way,… (more…)


The Torah is, according to Judaism , the divine teaching transmitted by Moses through its five books and all the lessons derived from it. It consists of five books that are, according to the traditional names: the Genesis , the Exodus , the Leviticus , the numbers , the Deuteronomy . The Torah serves as a historical and doctrinal charter… (more…)


The Mishnah is an exegetical body of compiled Jewish laws which collects and consolidates the oral tradition developed in the Jewish religion over the centuries since the time of the written Torah's laws, and even their coding into the hands of Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi towards the end of the century. The body of law called the Mishnah, is the basis… (more…)