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Bais Din

Bais Din is the transliteration of Hebrew, which means House of Judgment and refers to a religious court. The most known and most widespread is the rabbinical Bais Din (composed of rabbis), but the institution also exists with some variations among Karaite Jews, who do not have rabbis. Origin The Torah says that Jethro advised Moses to delegate most of… (more…)


The Talmud is one of the basic texts of rabbinic Judaism, not yielding in importance to the Hebrew Bible which is the oral side. Consisting of the Mishna and the Gemara (to which there are two versions), it compiles the rabbinical discussions on all topics of the Jewish law, divided into six orders. Addressing issues according to its own way,… (more…)

The kippah

The kippah is a small ritual cap used to partially cover the head, traditionally used by male Jews, and lately also accepted by non-Orthodox streams for feminine use. The kippah – or any other hat, or garment that covers all or part of the head – is compulsory to enter and remain in certain places of Jewish worship as synagogues,… (more…)